'Thank You' to the generous donors listed below, Ebony's sponsors have donated $945.00 to help pay for
her medical care.
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Ebony's evaluations, medical treatments and care cost $1,900.65
Lois Glatfelter
Chad & Regina Mullinix
David & Katharine Burt
Little Ebony arrived in bad shape. Her eyes were so filmed over, they thought she may be blind. Fortunately, she suffers from dry eye that was left untreated. After a thorough rinse and eye medication, she can see. She does need her eye drops for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, they found her ears were also neglected for a long time. She will requre ear ablation surgery to relieve the pain in her ears. Good News! - Ebony did not require an ablation. She received a medical ear cleaning under sedation and her new parents have a plan for cleaning her ears on a regular basis. Ebony was adopted and is enjoying her life in her new home.