Our Mission. . .

We strive to rescue cocker spaniels and other small breed dogs and provide them with the medical, emotional, and behavioral care they need to become great pets.  We find safe, loving, forever homes for the rescued cocker spaniels in our care. 

Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center Inc, founded in 1995, and incorporated in 2003, grew out of the need to find adoptive homes for the ever-increasing number of Cocker Spaniels showing up in local kill-shelters and county humane societies. Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center is comprised entirely of volunteers that assist in the rescue and placement of Cocker Spaniels (and honorary Cocker Spaniels) throughout the East Coast of the United States and Canada. 

Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center is different in its approach to rescue than many other breed rescues.  We accept all cocker spaniels into our rescue, regardless of age or medical condition; not just the young and healthy that are easily adoptable and inexpensive to rescue.  We believe all dogs have love to give someone.  The Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and your donations are entirely tax deductible.