'Thank You' to the generous donors listed below, Rec's sponsors have donated $700.00 to help pay for
his medical care.
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Rec's evaluations, medical treatments and care cost $1,232.38
Carla Karagiannis
Dave & Kim Diehl
Lynn Murray
Kenly Trigonopolos
Daniel Furci
Rec came to CSAC from a backyard breeder. He and his 3 pups (Tuesday, Chase, & Hashtag) had little socialization. They lived in the breeder's garage and had never visited a vet. Within a month of his first round of vetting, Rec started having seizures. He stayed with one of our partner vets for 10 days for observation and to begin finding the correct dose of phenobarbital to stave off his seizures. Rec went to a foster home and was doing very well.  Two days before going to his 1 month blood work recheck, he had another seizure. After another recheck and adjustment of his medication, he is still holding his own. Rec has been adopted and has started his life with a new family.